WP3 Researchers Attended GPU Technology Conference


Three researchers in WP3 (Atle Aalerud, Joacim Dybedal and Aksel Sveier) attended the GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam, September 28-29.

The conference adressed topics such as: Open Autopilot Platforms, Frontiers in Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, Research Needs on Automated Driving, Convolutional Neural Networks, Obstacle Avoidance, hardware architectures, 3D imaging and Virtual Reality. The full program is available at https://sfi.mechatronics.no/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/GTC_Europe_2016_Agenda_1920x1080.pdf.

The conference was also meant as a WP3 team-building event between researchers at UiA and NTNU.

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WP 5 Reference Group Meeting Sept. 27

rope seminar 2016

September 27. the WP5 Reference Group met in NOV location and discussed the following topics:

WP 5.4 “Influence of wave height on the reliability of an offshore winch” (PhD candidate: Achim Feldermann & Lothar Wöll)

WP 5.5 “Welded joints failure prediction: experimental set up” (PhD candidate: Zbigniew Jakub Mikulski)

WP 5.3 “1D model for thermal properties in fiber ropes and hysteresis model for creep” plus “Update on the rope test rig” (Dr. Espen Oland)

WP 5.2 “Acoustic measurements in metallic dog bones and steel wire ropes, development of a new condition indicator” (Dr. Rune Schlanbusch)

WP 5.1 “Review of Methods for Condition Monitoring of Large, Slow-Rotating Roller Element Bearings” (PhD candidate: Martin Hemmer)

The group consisted of  30 participants from most partners of the SFI .

Rope Seminar


The rope seminar was sold out and attracted 50 delegates from Urdal Services AS, MacGregor Norway AS, Cameron Sense AS, MHWirth AS, National Oilwell Varco Norway, DNV GL, Siem Offshore AS, AXTech AS, Bexco, Maersk Supply Service AS, TTS Bergen, Rolls-Royce Marine, Red Rock AS, W. Giertsen Services AS, TTS Marine AS, Ropeblock B.V., John Dahle Skipshandel AS and DEP Engineering.

During the seminar individual feedbaxck was collected from all the participants to the following questions:

* Do you want us to organise a 2nd rope seminar? 84% of the attendees responded yes, 8% no and 8% had no opinion.
* Will you prioritise the 2nd seminar? 84% responded yes, 16% no.
* Have you enjoyed the seminar? 8% gave the top mark, 55% gave next best.
* Have you learnt anything new in this seminar? 31% stated that their knowledge improved greatly, while 62% stated that they learnt a lot.
* Selected quotation from one of the participants: “For rope enthusiasts like me, this is like being at a Jimmy Hendrix concert, for engineers. To dip into the knowledge of some of the most competent rope specialists in the world, is highly rewarding”, Kai Ingvald Flateland, Senior Engineer at MacGregor Norway.

RCN Site Visit to SFI Offshore Mechatronics


Tuesday Sept. 20 the RCN team: Kai Mjøsund, Liv Jorunn Jenssen and Øyvind Veddeng Salvesen had their Site visit to SFI Offshore Mechatronics.

University of Agder as host, presented the status of the Center and presented also the future plans for Mechatronics Innovation Lab. The feedback from RCN was that the SFI Offshore Mechatronics is on track. In the picture above (from the right): Center Director Geir Hovland- (UiA) Special adviser Liv Jorunn Jenssen (RCN), Controller Silje Bartholdsen (UiA), Faculty Director Heidi Kristensen (UiA), Chariman SFI Offshore Mechatronics Leif Haukom (GCE NODE), Adviser Øyvind Veddeng Salvesen (RCN), Deputy Director General Kai Mjøsund (RCN), Head of department Rein Terje Thorstensen (UiA), Adm. manager SFI Offshore Mechatronics Rachel Funderud Syrtveit (UiA), Chief Financial Officer Kjetil Hellang (UiA) and University Director Seunn Smith-Tønnessen (UiA)


The RCN participantans also got a demonstration in the UiA Motion lab, by PhD Research Fellow Sandre Sonden Tørdal. He is doing his work within Work Package 2: Motion compensation, led by NTNU professor Olav Egeland.




New Researcher WP2.3


Andrej Cibicik started as a PhD candidate at NTNU under WP2.3 on 15 August 2016 with Professor Olav Egeland as a supervisor. Andrej holds a Master degree in Civil Engineering from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with his final thesis titled “Development and analysis of a rotational friction tuned mass damper”. He has 5 years of industrial experience including last 3 years at SFI partner company National Oilwell Varco.