New Researcher WP1.3


Viktor Donkov started as a Ph.D. candidate at Aalborg University (AAU, Aalborg) under WP1.3 on 1 January 2017 with Professor Torben Ole Andersen as supervisor. Viktor holds a B.Eng. degree in mechanical engineering (VIAUC, Horsens) and a M.Sc. degree in mechatronic control engineering (AAU, Aalborg). He graduated the master’s degree with his final thesis “Fault Tolerant Control of a Hydraulic Servo-System”. He spent 6 months as a research assistant at AAU between his graduation and the beginning of his Ph.D. studies.

In the SFI he will be working on WP1.3 with a focus on the use of digital hydraulics in secondary control of cylinder drives.

New Researcher WP4.1


Savin Viswanathan will work on WP4.1 Integrated simulation of multi-physical systems in offshore operations, starting on December 1, 2017. Before December 1 Savin worked as a university lecturer in India and he holds a MSc degree in Ocean Technology & Management from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

New Researcher WP4.3


Gaute Fotland will work on WP4.4 Multi-domain modeling and simulation, starting on September 1, 2017. He has a MSc degree from NTNU, Mechanical Engineering, Specialization: Product Development and Materials Engineering.

New Researcher WP5.3


Ellen Nordgård-Hansen graduated from in NTH in Trondheim in 1995 with a Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry. She received her PhD from the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, in 1997 with the thesis “Modelling of Aluminum Electrolysis Using Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics”. Since then, she has worked with modelling, control and project management in various settings. Some examples from her 13 years at Prediktor in Fredrikstad are silicon refining modelling, control of the water discharge of the Vøringsfossen waterfall, multivariate analysis, and programming in C++, Matlab and Excel. Working as a project manager for introducing material tracking systems, she got acquainted with the solar cell industry, from raw material to solar cells. From 2009 to 2014 Ellen worked as a thermal designer at projectiondesign in Fredrikstad, doing in calculations, simulations and measurements related to natural and forced air convection, multi-phase cooling, thermoelectric cooling and acoustics. Ellen has been employed as a senior researcher at Teknova since 2015, working with silicon refining, magnetic field modelling, carbon paste baking and condition based maintenance.

New Researcher WP6.1


Luis M. Lopez-Ramos received the B.Sc. degree in telecommunications engineering in 2010 from King Juan Carlos University (URJC), Madrid, Spain; and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in multimedia and communications in 2012 and 2016, respectively, from URJC and Carlos III University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain. During the Fall semesters of 2013 and 2014, he was a visiting scholar at the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Since 2010 he has been carrying out research and teaching activities with the Dept. of Signal Theory and Communications at URJC. In February 2017, he joined the University of Agder, Grimstad, Norway as a post-doctoral research fellow.

Dr. Lopez-Ramos’ research currently focuses on stochastic nonlinear programming, stochastic approximation and signal processing techniques, and their applications in wireless networks and power networks. In the SFI Offshore Mechatronics project he will work in WP6.1 Distributed in-network intelligence across multiple components.

New Researcher WP5.3


Shaun Falconer started as a PhD candidate at UiA on 17 October 2016 and holds a MEng in Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. He completed his thesis on crack propagation in aerospace materials, utilizing extended finite element modelling techniques at the CEIT, University of Navarra, Spain in 2013.

From 2014 to 2016 he worked as an engineer with the Structural Monitoring Division of Fugro GEOS in Glasgow, where he gained knowledge in structural health monitoring of offshore and subsea structures in the oil and gas sector.

He is currently working in the SFI WP5.3 Fiber ropes together with Dr. Espen Oland at Teknova and Prof. Geir Grasmo at UiA.

New Researcher WP2.6


Philipp Schubert started as a PhD candidate and research assistant at the Institute of Automatic Control (IRT), RWTH Aachen University. Philipp graduated from the RWTH Aachen in October 2016 with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. After working on the “Robustification of Extended Kalman Filters” within his master thesis, he is now focusing on real-time teleoperation and model-based control of cranes with loads in WP2.6 as part of the ‘SFI Offshore Mechatronics’ project.

New Researcher WP2.4


Alexander Meyer Sjøberg started as a Ph.D. candidate at NTNU under WP2.4 on 5 September 2016 with Professor Olav Egeland as the supervisor. Sjøberg holds a bachelor’s degree (UiA, Grimstad) and a double master’s degree (UiA and FHV) in mechatronics. He spent a total of two semesters at Fachhochschule Vorarlberg in Dornbirn, located in the Austrian Alps during the studying period. Also, he completed the 1-year program of mathematics at UiA, Kristiansand in 2011.

He graduated with the master’s thesis titled “Development and Implementation of a Real-Time 6 DOF Pose Estimation Algorithm for an MS Kinect 2” under the supervision of Sondre Sanden Tørdal, and the thesis was linked to WP2.5.

New Researcher WP2.3


Andrej Cibicik started as a PhD candidate at NTNU under WP2.3 on 15 August 2016 with Professor Olav Egeland as a supervisor. Andrej holds a Master degree in Civil Engineering from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with his final thesis titled “Development and analysis of a rotational friction tuned mass damper”. He has 5 years of industrial experience including last 3 years at SFI partner company National Oilwell Varco.