WP2 Motion Compensation

Work-package leader: Prof. Olav Egeland, NTNU.

The following work-packages are currently running:

WP2.1 Coupled Dynamics Between Vessel and Crane. Activity started at NTNU, Q3-2015. PhD Candidate Geir Ole Tysse.
WP2.6 Real-Time Teleoperation and Model-based Control of Cranes with Loads. Philipp Schubert, Activity started at RWTH Aachen, Q4-2016.
WP2.7 Vision systems for supervision of offshore drilling operations. Hans Kristian Holen, Activity started at NTNU Trondheim, Q3-2019 (Integrated Master/PhD).

WP2.2 High-Performance Control for Motion Compensation. Activity started at NTNU, Q3-2015. Post.Doc. Torstein Myhre.

WP2.4 Vision Systems for Offshore Crane Control in Ship-to Ship Operations. Alexander Meyer Sjøberg, Activity started at NTNU, Q3-2016. Thesis submitted October 2019.

WP2.3 Nonlinear friction compensation in motion compensation systems with significant elasticity. Andrej Cibicik, Activity started at NTNU, Q3-2016. Thesis submitted October 2019.

WP2.5 Real-Time Multiple DOF Motion Compensation using an Industrial Robot, Sensor Fusion and Conformal Geometric Algebra. Activity started at UiA, Q2-2015. PhD candidate Sondre Sanden Tørdal. See this link (in Norwegian). In adddition, the Master Thesis project “Development and Implementation of a Real-Time 6 DOF Pose Estimation Algorithm for a MS Kinect 2” by Alexander Sjøberg is linked to WP2.5. PhD thesis defended March 2019.