Patenting Workshop

Photo: Dag Einar Finne from Bergen Teknologioverføring

On Wednesday October 18 a Patenting vs. Publication workshop was organised at UiA, Campus Grimstad.

* Introduction by UiA Nyskaping and information about DOFI process
* Dag Finne from Bergen Teknologioverføring
– Why patenting?
– Patenting process
– Cases
* Asle Pedersen from Innoventus Sør
– Business models
– Degree of freedom in commercialization

Steel and Ropes Seminar 2017


Teknova, together with UiA, NODE, Kristiansand commune, Vest and Aust Agder are proud to announce the second steel and fibre ropes specialist seminar, 27th to 29th of November 2017. The program includes lectures around the topic of:
Fiber ropes:
  *   Limits, challenge and opportunities associated with fiber ropes in running applications,
  *   Learning from the new FEM 5.024 guidelines,
  *   High performance fibres for fibre ropes.
Steel ropes:
  *   Corrosion of steel ropes in offshore applications,
  *   Tension/torsion response of wire ropes,
  *   Case studies where rope torsion is an issue.
Rope monitoring:
  *   Non-destructive techniques for wire ropes,
  *   Automatic detection of MRT signals.
Qualification and testing:
  *   State of the art testing of mooring and lifting systems
  *   Update on the recent standards developments.
In attachment you will find the flyer and full program for the seminar. The registration page can be found by following this link<>  , the price of the 3 day seminar is 6000 NOK ex VAT.
In acknowledgements for the co-sponsorship of NODE, UiA, Vest & Aust Agder and Kristiansand commune, companies located in Agder or members of the NODE cluster get a 50 % discount on the seminar cost, that is a three day seminar including lunches for 3000 NOK ex VAT.

Flyer til Steel and Fiber Ropes Seminar_270917

Digital Fluid Power 2017


The WP1 participated in the workshop DFP17 (Digital Fluid Power 2017) in Aalborg, Denmark, September 7-9 with all the members of the work package (Viktor Hristov Donkov, Sondre Nordås, Daniel Hagen, Torben Ole Andersen, and Morten Kjeld Ebbesen) and a guest of the WP Damiano Padovani. The workshop was dedicated to the different aspects of digital hydraulic. The workshop included 67 participants with the majority from Europe, and the industry was well represented. The WP presented two papers and received valuable feedback.


Workshop on Digital Fluid Power


The 9th international workshop on Digital Fluid Power, DPF17 will take place in Aalborg, Denmark, September 7-8, 2017. In the previous years it has taken place in either Tampere, Finland or in Linz, Austria. Digital fluid power has been a highly prioritised research topic at Aalborg University for the last ten years. AAU is therefore honoured to host this event and pleased to invite you to participate in bringing both academia and industry partners together; joining the latest research knowledge, stimulating discussions and exchange of experiences on digital fluid power.

Invitation and Call for Papers.

OG21-FORUM / new strategy for the oil and gas industry


On Nov. 30 the OG 21 gave a presentation of the new strategy for Norwegian oil and gas industry. The conclusion is clear: new technology must be developed and implemented if the companies shall be competative in the future.

The OG 21 Vision is: Technologies and innovation for a competitive Norwegian Petrolium sector.

The vision is supported by five strategic objectives:

  1. Maximize resource utilization
  2. Minimize environmental impact
  3. Improve productivity and reduce costs
  4. Develop innovative technologies
  5. Attract, develop and retain the best talents.

The full strategy document can be found here.

Fluid Power Workshop (WP1), November 23


WP1 organised a scientific workshop in fluid power. The participants from Aalborg University and the University of Agder are listed above:

Morten Kjeld Ebbesen (Associate Professor, UiA)
Michael Rygaard Hansen (Professor and Dean, UiA)
Sondre Nordås (PhD-candidate, UiA)
Daniel Hagen (PhD-candidate, UiA)
Jannik Jakobsen (PhD-candidate, UiA)
Konrad Johan Jensen (PhD-candidate, UiA)
Torben Ole Andersen (Professor, AAU)
Alireza Matbouei (PhD-candidate, AAU)
Henrik Pedersen (Professor, AAU)
Niels Christian Bender (PhD-candidate, AAU)
Per Johansen Assistant (Professor, AAU)
Remzija Cerimagic (PhD-candidate, AAU)
Niels Henrik Pedersen (PhD-candidate, AAU)
Lasse Schmidt Assistant (Professor, AAU)
Anders Hedegaard Hansen (Assistant Professor, AAU)
Michael Møller Bech (Associate Professor, AAU)
Christian Nørgård (PhD-candidate, AAU)

Reference Group Meetings WP2, WP4 and WP6


November was a busy month for all work-packages. On November 17, WP2, WP4 and WP6 had their reference group meetings. The photo above is from the WP2 meeting where presentations and discussions were led by the NTNU researchers Olav Egeland, Christian Holden and Terje Rølvåg. Participants from the partners were from UiA, NOV, MHWirth and GCE NODE.