WP3 Robotics and Autonomy

Work-package leader: Prof. Geir Hovland, UiA.

Reference Group Members From: ABB, MHWirth, NOV, MacGregor, Cameron, Bosch-Rexroth, NORCE and NTNU.

The following work-packages are currently running:

WP3.1 Development of Offshore 3D Sensor Package. Activity started at UiA, August 15, 2016 by PhD candidate Joacim Dybedal (3-years experience from SFI Partner NOV). Master student Svein Gjermund Tveide was linked to this activity. Thesis title: 3D sensor data acquisition and fusion for automatic gas sample taking, UiA, Spring 2016.
WP3.2 Autonomy Systems Foundation Development. Activity started at UiA, August 15, 2016 by PhD candidate Atle Aalerud (3-years experience from SFI Partner NOV).
WP3.4 Implementation of Situational Awareness/Human Factors Concepts for Operators Using Virtual Arena. Activity started at NTNU (Aalesund), March 1, 2017 by PhD candidate Thiago G. Monteiro. Main supervisor Houxiang Zhang.
WP3.5 Ultra Reliable Communications (URC) for 5G Networks. Activity started at UiA, Q1, 2017 by PhD candidate Thilina N. Weerasinghe. Main supervisor Frank Li.
WP3.9 Sensor fusion for perception, collision avoidance and navigation towards autonomous systems. Activity starting in Q2-2020. Main supervisor Ajit Jha.

Associated positions funded by UiA:
WP3.6 Instrumentation and real-time control of long-reach, light-weight arm intended for use offshore. Activity starting Q1-2019 by PhD candidate Subedi Dipendra, supervisors Ilya Tyapin and Geir Hovland.

WP3.7 Coupled dynamics between vessel and crane, Activity starting Q1-2019 by PhD candidate Ronny Landsverk, supervisors Jing Zhou and Geir Hovland.

WP3.8 Formal Verification of Autonomous Systems. Activity started at UiA, Q1, 2018 by PhD candidate Yvonne Murray. Main supervisor David Anisi.

WP3.3 Handling of Sensor Fusion, Point-Clouds and 3D Maps. Activity starting at NTNU, Q3-2016. Aksel Sveier started as a PhD student under WP3.3 on 15 August 2016 with Professor Olav Egeland as supervisor. Sveier is a Master in Mechanical Engineering from NTNU. The PhD thesis was submitted on October 29, 2019 with title: “Quaternions and Dual Quaternions for State and Parameter Estimation”.