Runner-Up Best Journal Paper Award

The paper “Priority Enabled Grant-Free Access With Dynamic Slot Allocation for Heterogeneous mMTC Traffic in 5G NR Networks” pulished in the journal IEEE Transactions on Communications was awarded runner-up Best Journal Paper IEEE ComSoc  – CSIM (Communications Systems Integration and Modeling (CSIM) Technical Committee) Journal 2021 Edition.

The first author of the publication is Dr. Thilina Weerasinghe which obtained his PhD degree in 2021 within WP3 in SFI Offshore Mechatronics. Frank Y. Li (University of Agder) was the PhD supervisor. Thilina is curently Lecturer at University of Ruhuna, Sri-Lanka.

The paper was co-authored with Vicente Casares-Giner (Professor Emeritus, Universitat Politècnica de València), Indika A. M. Balapuwaduge (Lecturer at University of Ruhuna, Sri-Lanka and former PostDoc at University of Agder) and Frank Y. Li (Professor, University of Agder).

Congratulations to Thilina and his co-authors.

Accepted Scientific Publications 2022

Note: Link to full text either OA = Open Access or PP = ProjectPlace for consortium partners only

Journal Papers:

J1: Dipendra Subedi, Teodor Nilsen Aune, Ilya Tyapin and Geir Hovland, “Static Deflection Compensation of Multi-Link Flexible Manipulators Under Gravity”, IEEE Access, 2022. [PP], WP3

J2: Yvonne Murray, Martin Sirevåg, Pedro Ribeiro, David A. Anisi, Morten Mossige, “Safety assurance of an industrial robotic control system using hardware/software co-verification”, Science of Computer Programming, Volume 216, 2022, 102766, ISSN 0167-6423.J [OA], WP3

J3: Zbigniew Mikulski, Tom Lassen, “Probabilistic models for the fatigue resistance of welded steel joints subjected to constant amplitude loading”, International Journal of Fatigue, Volume 155, 2022 (Level2) [OA], WP5

J4: Falconer, Shaun; Krause, Peter; Bäck, Thomas; Nordgård-Hansen, Ellen Marie; Grasmo, Geir (2022). Condition Classification of Fibre Ropes during Cyclic Bend over Sheave testing Using Machine Learning. International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management. ISSN: 2153-2648. 13 (1). [OA], WP5

J5: Smith, Torbjørn; Egeland, Olav. (2022) Dynamical Pose Estimation with Graduated Non-Convexity for Outlier Robustness. Modeling, Identification and Control. vol. 43 (2). [OA], WP2

J6: Tysse, Geir Ole; Cibicik, Andrej; Tingelstad, Lars; Egeland, Olav. (2022) Lyapunov-based damping controller with nonlinear MPC control of payload position for a knuckle boom crane. Automatica. vol. 140. (Level2) [OA], WP2

J7: Viswanathan, Savin; Holden, Christian; Egeland, Olav; Sten, Ronny. (2022) A Co-simulation Methodology for Risers Tensioned with Direct Acting Tensioners. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research (IJMERR). vol. 11 (8). [OA], WP4

Conference Papers:

C1: Thomas Farsakoglou, Henrik C. Pedersen and Torben O. Andersen (2022): “Review of offshore winch drive topologies and control methods”. The 13th International Fluid Power Conference 13, IFK, March 21-23, 2022, Aachen, Germany. [PP], WP1

C2: Dipendra Subedi, Ilya Tyapin and Geir Hovland, “Control of Redundant Flexible Manipulators with Redundancy Resolution”, The 8th Intl. Conf. Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, Munich, Germany, February 10-12, 2022. [OA], WP3

C3: Nadia. S. Noori, Vignesh. V. Shanbhag, Surya. T. Kandukuri and Rune Schlanbusch (2022). “Data Driven Seal Wear Classifications using Acoustic Emissions and Artificial Neural Networks”. 7th European Conference of the PHM Society,  July 6.-8., Turin, Italy. [OA], WP5

C4: Vignesh. V. Shanbhag, Jørgen. F. Pedersen and Rune Schlanbusch (2022). “Forecasting piston rod seal failure using the acoustic emission features in ARIMA model”. 7th European Conference of the PHM Society,  July 6.-8., Turin, Italy. [OA], WP5

C5: K. Roy, L. M. Lopez-Ramos, B. Beferull-Lozano, “Joint Signal Estimation and Nonlinear Topology Identification from Noisy Data with Missing Entries”, IEEE Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, 2022. Accepted. [OA], WP6

C6: K. Roy, L. Miguel-Lopez, B. Beferull-Lozano, Joint Learning of Topology and Invertible Nonlinearities from Multiple Time Series, IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science (ISMODE), 2022. [], WP6