Accepted Scientific Publications 2022

Note: Link to full text either OA = Open Access or PP = ProjectPlace for consortium partners only

Journal Papers:

J1: Dipendra Subedi, Teodor Nilsen Aune, Ilya Tyapin and Geir Hovland, “Static Deflection Compensation of Multi-Link Flexible Manipulators Under Gravity”, IEEE Access, 2022. [OA]

J2: Yvonne Murray, Martin Sirevåg, Pedro Ribeiro, David A. Anisi, Morten Mossige, “Safety assurance of an industrial robotic control system using hardware/software co-verification”, Science of Computer Programming, Volume 216, 2022, 102766, ISSN 0167-6423.J [OA]

J3: Zbigniew Mikulski, Tom Lassen, “Probabilistic models for the fatigue resistance of welded steel joints subjected to constant amplitude loading”, International Journal of Fatigue, Volume 155, 2022 (Level2) [OA]

J4: Falconer, Shaun; Krause, Peter; Bäck, Thomas; Nordgård-Hansen, Ellen Marie; Grasmo, Geir (2022). Condition Classification of Fibre Ropes during Cyclic Bend over Sheave testing Using Machine Learning. International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management. ISSN: 2153-2648. 13 (1). [OA]

Conference Papers:

C1: Thomas Farsakoglou, Henrik C. Pedersen and Torben O. Andersen (2022): “Review of offshore winch drive topologies and control methods”. The 13th International Fluid Power Conference 13, IFK, March 21-23, 2022, Aachen, Germany.

C2: Dipendra Subedi, Ilya Tyapin and Geir Hovland, “Control of Redundant Flexible Manipulators with Redundancy Resolution”, The 8th Intl. Conf. Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, Munich, Germany, February 10-12, 2022. [OA]

C3: Nadia. S. Noori, Vignesh. V. Shanbhag, Surya. T. Kandukuri and Rune Schlanbusch (2022). “Data Driven Seal Wear Classifications using Acoustic Emissions and Artificial Neural Networks”. 7th European Conference of the PHM Society,  July 6.-8., Turin, Italy.

C4: Vignesh. V. Shanbhag, Jørgen. F. Pedersen and Rune Schlanbusch (2022). “Forecasting piston rod seal failure using the acoustic emission features in ARIMA model”. 7th European Conference of the PHM Society,  July 6.-8., Turin, Italy.

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