The SFI will become the international knowledge and research hub for the next generation of advanced offshore mechatronic systems for autonomous operation and condition monitoring of offshore equipment and systems under the control of land-based operation centers, to ensure safe and efficient operation in deeper water and in harsh environments.

The SFI shall contribute significantly to growth and innovation in the industry, creating jobs and business with potential both within the target sector, and beyond, such as maritime industry, with a net positive impact on society.

Mission Statement

By 2023, the SFI “Offshore Mechatronics” shall have succeeded in becoming an internationally renowned research based innovation center reaching national, international and long-term targets. National target – develop new concepts for autonomous systems where the construction, engineering and design, invite autonomy to minimize the number of manual processes, as well as to reduce risk and cost related to offshore operations. International target – support the industry partners to strengthen the global leader position by developing the most efficient and safe future offshore operations.

Long-term target – enable technologies, equipment, processes and solutions for autonomy and monitoring of heavy machinery, and for handling and analyzing large data flows under demanding conditions.