WP4 Modelling and Simulation

Work-package leader: Prof. Olav Egeland, NTNU.

The following work-packages are currently running:

WP4.1 Integrated simulation of multi-physical systems in offshore operations. PhD candidate Savin Viswanathan. Activity started at NTNU, December 1, 2017. Main supervisor: Christian Holden.
WP4.2 Component-based simulation systems for drilling automation and crane systems. PhD candidate Njål Tengesdal, Activity started at NTNU, September 1, 2017, Main supervisor: Christian Holden.
WP4.4 Multi-domain modeling and simulation. PhD candidate Gaute Fotland, Activity started at NTNU, September 1, 2017. Main supervisor: Terje Rølvåg.
WP4.5 Modeling and simulation of the motion of ships, cranes and drilling systems in waves. Post.Doc position at NTNU, expected start Q1-2021.

WP4.3 Protocols and standards for integration of simulation models and co-simulation. PhD candidate Lars Ivar Hatledal, PhD thesis submitted on November 2, 2021.