The PhD theses submitted by the candidates in SFI Offshore Mechatronics are listed here as they are submitted:

PhD-1: Sondre Sanden Tørdal (UiA), PhD thesis defended on March 19, 2019. Title of Thesis: Real-Time Motion Compensation in Ship-to-Ship Load Handling.

PhD-2: Andrej Cibicik (NTNU), PhD thesis defended on January 8, 2020. Title of Thesis: Dynamics of Rigid and Flexible Manipulators Using Screw Theory.

PhD-3: Alexander Meyer Sjøberg (NTNU), PhD thesis defended on January 30, 2020. Title of Thesis: Estimation and Control on Lie Groups based on Formulations on the Lie Algebra.

PhD-4: Aksel Sveier (NTNU), PhD thesis defended on February 18, 2020. Title of Thesis: Quaternions and Dual Quaternions for State and Parameter Estimation.

PhD-6: Sondre Nordås (UiA), PhD thesis defended on April 16, 2020. Title of Thesis: Using Digital Hydraulics in Secondary Control of Motor Drive

PhD-6: Martin Hemmer (UiA), PhD thesis defended on May 15, 2020. Title of Thesis: Condition Monitoring Methods for Large, Low-speed Bearings.

PhD-7: Geir Ole Tysse (NTNU), PhD thesis submitted on February 26, 2020. Title of thesis: Modeling and Control of Ship-Mounted Cranes.

PhD-8: Daniel Hagen (UiA), PhD thesis submitted on April 7, 2020. Title of Thesis: Improving Energy Efficiency and Motion Control in Load-Carrying Applications using Self-Contained Cylinders.