WP5 Monitoring Techniques

Work-package leader: Dr. Thomas Meyer, NORCE.

The following work-packages are running in 2016:

WP5.1 Tapered big bearings. PhD candidate Martin Hemmer started on April 4, 2016.
WP5.2 Large diameter steel ropes. Activity started at Teknova, Q3-2015. Researcher Rune Schlanbusch.
WP5.3 Fiber ropes. Activity starting at Teknova/UiA, Q2-2016. PhD candidate Shaun Falconer (UiA, started Q4-2016) and Researcher Ellen Nordgård-Hansen (NORCE).
WP5.4 Condition-based lifetime prediction as result of calculated component loads. Activity started at RWTH Aachen, Q4-2015. PhD Candidate Lothar Wöll.(IME).

WP5.5 Modeling the fatigue damage mechanism in welded joints. PhD-candidate Zbigniew Mikulski. Supervisors: Tom Lassen and Katalin Vertes. Associated PhD Position (additional KD-funding, started January 2016).