WP5 Monitoring Techniques

Work-package leader: Dr. Thomas Meyer, NORCE.

The following work-packages are currently running:

WP5.3 Fiber ropes. Activity starting at Teknova/UiA, Q2-2016. PhD candidate Shaun Falconer (UiA, started Q4-2016) and Researcher Ellen NordgÄrd-Hansen (NORCE).
WP5.4 Condition-based lifetime prediction as result of calculated component loads. Activity started at RWTH Aachen, Q4-2015.

Associated Positions Funded by UiA:
WP5.5 Modeling the fatigue damage mechanism in welded joints. PhD-candidate Zbigniew Mikulski. Supervisors: Tom Lassen and Katalin Vertes. Started January 2016.

WP5.1 Tapered big bearings. PhD candidate Martin Hemmer started on April 4, 2016. PhD thesis submitted on November 1, 2019. Title of Thesis: Condition Monitoring Methods for Large, Low-speed Bearings.
WP5.2 Large diameter steel ropes. Activity started at Teknova, Q3-2015. Researcher Rune Schlanbusch.