Upcoming reference group meetings

The reference group meetings are a great opportunity to disseminate results, to participate in discussions and to get valuable feedback from an industrial perspective. The reference group meetings are internal and exclusive to the industry partners.

Upcoming meetings:

WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP7 have scheduled a joint reference group meeting on March 17 from 13-15. The meeting will take place digitally. The reference group meeting will start shortly after the scheduled webinar on digital technology enabling new business models (in Norwegian language).

WP5 have scheduled the following reference group meetings (17. Feb.), 16. Jun., 20. Oct.

WP1 and WP6 have scheduled reference group meetings in June. Invitations will follow.

The reference group members are invited via the groups in ProjectPlace. Remember to share internally in your organisation in case other people not on the list should join.

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