Webinar: Presentation about ONNX

We have observed a trend with an increase in use of AI and ML as part of the research in SFI Offshore Mechatronics. A few examples where AI/ML is used is fatigue prediction (WP3), prediction of remaining useful lifetime of fiber ropes (WP5) and machine vision based people tracking (WP3). 

Interoperability and standardization of AI/ML is crucial for industrial adoption and to efficiently bring inference models from the lab and into realistic industrial environments.  

ONNX is an example of a standardization efforts with extensive industry support. Beckhoff is one of the companies with support for ONNX. In our webinar on the 18th of March, Fabian Bause, Product Manager at Beckhoff will tell us more about this. You will find information on how to join the webinar in this page.

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