Webinars continue in 2021

In the fall 2020 we scheduled short webinars on Teams every second week. The motivation was initially to compensate for the cancellation of the annual conference and workshop. As a side effect we anticipate that the webinars will also result in increased interaction in the center outside of our major events. We have had good attendance with 15 attendees on average. Attendees is a mix between SFI affiliated researchers, from the industry partners and the mechatronics department at UiA. We will continue with the webinars in 2021 every second Thursday from 13.45-14.15.

The preliminary program for Q1-2021 (subject to change): 21/1: Optimization using brute force on GPU (Geir Hovland, UiA)
4/2: Real-time containers (Florian Hofer, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano) 
18/2: Introduction to Julia programming language (Mattias Fält, Lund University) 
4/3:  Host and Build Your Academic/Professional Portfolio for Free using Hugo and GitLab CI/CD (Sondre S. Tørdal, UiA)  
18/3: ONNX – Open Neural Network Exchange (Fabian Bause, Beckhoff)

The same Teams link will be reused for every webinar. A short intro to each webinar will be published in our webinar page. Get in touch if you have a topic you want to suggest or if you have a topic you want to present yourself in a future webinar.

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