Annual Progress Report 2020

The annual progress report from SFI Offshore Mechatronics was submitted on December 1, 2020. The report is available for the partners in ProjectPlace. Some of the highlights from the report are listed below:

Every time a PhD candidate defends his or her thesis is a highlight in SFI Offshore Mechatronics. During 2020 as many as 7 PhD candidates defended their theses. These are:

PhD-2: Andrej Cibicik (NTNU), PhD defense on January 8, 2020, Title: Dynamics of Rigid and Flexible Manipulators Using Screw Theory

PhD-3: Alexander Meyer Sjøberg (NTNU), PhD defense on January 30, 2020, Title: Estimation and Control on Lie Groups based on Formulations on the Lie Algebra

PhD-4: Aksel Sveier (NTNU), PhD defense on February 18, 2020, Title: Quaternions and Dual Quaternions for State and Parameter Estimation

PhD-5: Martin Hemmer (UiA), PhD defense on May 15, 2020, Title: Condition Monitoring Methods for Large, Low-speed Bearings.

PhD-6: Sondre Nordås (UiA), PhD defense April 16, 2020, Title: Using Digital Hydraulics in Secondary Control of Motor Drive.

PhD-7: Geir Ole Tysse (NTNU), PhD defense April 7, 2020, Title: Modeling and Control of Ship-Mounted Cranes.

PhD-8: Daniel Hagen (UiA), PhD defense September 2, 2020, Title: Improving Energy Efficiency and Motion Control in Load-Carrying Applications using Self-Contained Cylinders.

Many of the remaining PhD candidates in the centre are in the final phase of their projects, and a similar number of completions are expected in 2021. During 2020 5 new PhD candidates and 3 Post.Doc’s have started. These are the final positions during the lifetime of the centre.

During 2020 a high percentage of the scientific journal publications were at the highest level (Level 2). As many as 6 of 19 journal articles, or 32%, were at the highest scientific level, see:

In addition to producing high level scientific research, the centre also has an ambition to produce results relevant for the industry partners. During the remaining time period the centre management will have a continuous focus on achieving examples of innovation with new work processes, services or products in the industry partners. Another goal which will receive focus, together with the new steering board, is the creation of new projects between the partners. The centre SFI Offshore Mechatronics will officially end in 2023.

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