WP5 Reference Group Meeting, May 9


Tentative agenda:
11:45-12:30: registration and lunch at MacGregor, Andøya, Kristiansand
12:30 – 12:40: Welcome and administrative status update: recruitment status on the fiber rope PhD, presentation of a new activity and PhD student: 5.5, Predicting the fatigue damage evolution in components and welded joints
12:40 – 13:10: Monitoring big bearings, an overview of the technologies and techniques (PhD candidate: Martin Hemmer, 20min .ppt, 10 min questions)
13:10 – 13:40: Rolling contact fatigue in large turret roller bearings, the Dang Van Criterion (PhD candidate: Zbigniew Jakub Mikulski, 20min .ppt, 10 min questions)
13:40-13:55: Coffee break & informal discussions
13:55- 14:25: Winch lifetime prediction, an update on the activities since the last reference group (PhD candidate: Achim Feldermann, 20min .ppt, 10 min questions)
14:25-14:50: Fiber and steel ropes – progress on the research front, progress on the test rig design, plans of activity in 2016 (Dr. Rune Schlanbusch and Dr. Espen Oland, 20 min .ppt, 5 min questions)
14:50-15:00: Coffee break & informal discussions
15:00-15:30: Big bearing, further data and analytics (Dr. Eric Bechhoefer, 20 min .ppt, 5 min questions)
15:30- 15:40: SFIWP5 Booklet presentation
15:40-15:50: AOB & wrap up

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