OMHyD – Open Source frequency-domain hydrodynamic analysis software

OMHyD is an open-source software implementing the 3-D Boundary Element Method, applicable to wave-body interaction problems. The current version of the software lays the foundation for the development of an open-source alternative to commercial frequency-domain hydrodynamics software like WAMIT, ANSYS-AQWA and DNV-GL Sesam HydroD/WADAM modules (developed by Sintef/Marintek).

In its current version, OMHyD demonstrates the basic principle behind the working of a frequency-domain hydrodynamic analysis package, thus providing a stepping stone towards in-house development of such software, and as such, is believed to be of interest to academics and the R&D wings of industrial partners.

The software was developed by Savin Viswanathan as part of his Ph.D. work under WP4.1. He continues his association with SFI as a PostDoc in WP4.5. More information about how the software works and comparison to e.g. Ansys-Aqwa is available in the paper “An Open-Source Python-Based Boundary-Element Method Code for the Three-Dimensional, Zero-Froude, Infinite-Depth, Water-Wave Diffraction-Radiation Problem”.

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