During Q4-2020 and Q1-2021 SFI Offshore Mechatronics has hosted a be-weekly webinar. We hosted five webinars in Q4-2020 and five in Q1-2021.

During the first period of the webinars, we observed good attendance with an average of 15 attendees. In the last quarter we have seen more variable attendance and a slight decline. To better understand if this is a natural variance or the consequence of the topics of the presentations being less interesting, we have made an anonymous poll. The poll is intended to provide us with feedback on past webinars and preferences for future webinars. For the time being we are pausing the webinars, but we anticipate starting up again in the fall latest.

If you have attended one of our webinars or if you may want to attend a webinar in the future, please spend a few minutes to complete the poll. Your feedback on the previous topics/ presentations and preferences and suggestions for future webinars is highly appreciated. Link to poll.

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