New Lab Equipment for Testing Hydraulic Cylinders

SFI Offshore Mechatronics (WP5) and Mechatronic Innovation Lab are in the final stages of setting up a new lab for testing hydraulic cylinders. The equipment is delivered by Bosch-Rexroth and will be located in MIL’s facilities in Grimstad, Norway. It is expected that the new lab will become operation during Q4-2020.

The equipment will be used to test the condition of up to 4-5 seals located inside the cylinder. Seals of varying condition will be placed inside the cylinder, and then acoustic emission sensors will be used to estimate the condition. During the research work in the centre it will be experimented with sensors located both outside and inside the cylinder.

The equipment is owned by MIL and rented by the SFI OM centre for the next three years. The centre will not use the equipment 100% all the time. Hence, other companies or research institutions interested in using the facility can contact MIL.

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