PhD Thesis Defended on February 18, 2020

Aksel Sveier defended his PhD thesis on February 18, 2020. The title of the thesis was “Quaternions and Dual Quaternions for State and Parameter Estimation”. The opponents were Research Director Isabelle Fantoni from Laboratoire des Sciences du Númerique de Nantes, France, and prof. Pål Johan From, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

The title of the public trial lecture was: Formation flying for UAVs. The evaluation of the trial lecture said: “The candidate structured the presentation well and showed a good grasp of the basics of the topic. The candidate presented and spoke clearly and disposed time wisely. He was able to answer the audience’s questions satisfactorily. The presentation was well-balanced between theory and examples, and the examples were chosen illustrative and well presented.”

The evaluation of the PhD thesis itself stated: “The thesis presents novel application areas of quaternions and dual quaternions within the topics of state and parameter estimation. The contributions of the thesis are substantial with a thorough foundation and are also well documented experimentally.”

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