Call for Papers, MIC 3rd Special Issue on Offshore Mechatronics


The research centre SFI Offshore Mechatronics is organising its 4th annual conference on May 23-24, 2018. In connection with this conference the journal MIC will organise the 3rd special edition on offshore technology within the fields of Modeling,

Identification and Control. The fields of primary emphasis by MIC are:
• Modeling: General methodology of modeling including choice of structure, model reduction, numerical aspects, systems for computer aided modeling, etc.
• Identification: General methodology including system structure, identifiability, convergence, numerical aspects, systems for computer aided identification, etc.
• Control: General methodology including system specification, derivation of control strategies, analysis of system properties such as stability, sensitivity, etc.
• Applications: Demonstration, by simulations or experiments, of applications of theory within the above fields to engineering, biological, economic, ecological, social, geophysical, agricultural systems and others.

MIC counts as publication level 1 in Norway, see
All papers published in MIC are peer-reviewed. All papers will receive a permanent DOI number and a printed edition will be handed out at the conference. An example of a previous printed special edition of MIC is available here:

Submit papers to: The submission deadline is March 16, 2018. Manuscripts must be prepared using the MIC template available at

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