WP5 Visits Redaelli

From the left to right : Rune Schlanbusch (Teknova) and Luigi Tironi (Redaelli).

Redaelli is a world leading designer and producer of steel wire ropes with over 200 years of experience. The visit to Redaelli was triggered by recommendations from the work package reference group, holding Redaelli as an important supplier of steel wire ropes. The visit took place at Redaelli’s design and production facility in Gardone Val Trompia located in north of Italy. Redaelli have invested considerable resources in modern production equipment with enormous capabilities, displayed through setting a Guinness world record. Topics discussed included strategy for rope testing, failure mechanisms, inspection, non-destructive testing and discard criteria. Future opportunities include possible SFI spin-off projects including Redaelli as a natural consortium partner.


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